Things to Know About Sandblasting 

Sandblasting is a method that’s been normally utilized for years for restoration, repainting, or repair. However, in previous years, the time and extensive involved, and also several health risks to consider about, have lowered its use. Luckily, this cleaning method could be a really effective and safe tool when correct precautions are done.  

Here is several details that you should know about sandblasting offered by Sandblasting Jacksonville FL.  

Caution and Uses 

Sandblasting is utilized in different methods. It could eliminate paint, refurbish surface, and bring the original look back of pebbles, brick, and much more. Though the procedure is really easy, the preparation work is very extensive. The contractor would require you to protect your landscaping, roof, and windows. 

This cleaning method is controlled carefully using a substitute air supply, proper ventilation, and protective wear due to the risk of silicosis.  

Average Cost of Expert Sandblasting 

It is difficult to know the precise number for the cost of professional sandblasting, like many renovation and restoration projects. The urgency of completion, the safety measures taken, and tools utilized are different for each project, and all of the factors could affect the overall cost. However, plan for the price of professional sandblasting to be around $900 up to $1,100 if you want a rough average to begin budgeting.  

How does it Work? 

Ensure that you completely know how the procedure works before you hire an expert to begin shooting sands at the exterior surface of your house. Normally, sandblasting is similar to pressure washing, but with the help of sand grains. The water spray includes refined sand grains, coconut shell, or steel, and it could remove plaster or even strip paint from the wall.  

Considering your Neighbors and Permits 

This cleaning method might be fast. However, it is a very intensive technique that permits are sometimes needed before the project could start. Ensure to establish budge and time for the cost of this extra requirement. Also, you would need to let the neighbors know about your project if your house is placed close to another property. The reason for this is to make the neighbor avoid the area or transfer their cars to prevent any possible damage. 

Extra Costs that could Affect the Overall Price 

Sandblasting without using a protective gear could result to respiratory issues to those who do the job on routinely bases. Therefore, the price of substitute supply of air and complete safety gear is something that would raise the cost of your project. Additionally, damage could often happen from this cleaning technique, and you might require to repaint several parts of your exterior or even purchase another winder after the work has been done.  


Damage might still happen because of any complications. Parts of your exterior might be damaged during the work so you might add extra cost to repair it. Windows might also be damaged in rare instances, so you should protect it.  

Always prepare extra money for the damages that might occur after the sandblasting project.